My name is Chisa.
This is my homepage. I got it for my birthday from my koibito a while back.

I've been busy with school so I don't get much time for fun stuff like working on this site but I'm going to start slowly adding to it.

There are some changes in the links over on the right... maybe you'll find something new to check out.


happy birthday wishes
to three sweeties:
mom, campbell, and annie


Fuji-san from shinkansen window, 10 oct 1999

hunger site

fun to look at:

good reading:
mr. pants
powell's bookstore

good works:
(please send $ to them)

sf women against rape
a&pi wellness center
global fund for women
hull house

favorite photography:
Frank Espada

non-profit resources:
compass point
foundation center
chron of philanthropy

time zones
ny times


librarian's index to the internet

library links:
UCLA library catalog
street librarian

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